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Resource Protection

All businesses claiming the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) no longer need to complete the Soil Protection Review. Instead GAECs 4, 5 & 6 minimum soil cover, minimum land management and maintenance of soil organic matter need to be adhered to. You could lose some of your BPS payment if erosion is over a single area greater than 1ha, or caused by livestock trampling along a continuous stretch of more than 20m x 2m of a watercourse. The latest Cross Compliance guidance can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/cross-compliance.

We offer a full Cross Compliance service, including desk top and outdoor assistance. Go to the Cross Compliance page for more information, you can also Contact us for an update on our advice and to discuss your exact requirements.

Catchment Work

We work with farmers in a number of priority catchments to safeguard water resources & farm incomes please  Contact us for more information.

Soil, Manure and Nutrient Plans

A well produced soil, manure or nutrient management plan can dramatically improve the efficiency of your farm business. They can help to save money by reducing waste and avoiding over use of some inputs. They can also help you to understand and comply with a number of industry standards.

Manure Management Plan
  • Highlights the most efficient use of manure on a field by field basis
  • Brings benefits to soils and crops
  • Can reduce your inorganic fertiliser bill
  • Reduces the risk of water pollution
Nutrient Management Plan
  • Ensures the best use of inorganic fertilisers.
  • Maximises the benefit of organic manures.
  • Helps decisions on lime
  • Complies with NVZ record keeping
  • Reduces the risk of pollution from unnecessary over use of fertilisers.

We run Gatekeeper, so can produce recommendations on this system if you wish. We also recommend & endorse the Tried & Tested Nutrient Management Planning system. For a link to the Tried & Tested website, click here.

Soil Management Plan
  • Builds on the Soil Protection Review
  • Minimises the risk of water run-off and soil erosion
  • Helps the long term productivity of your land by matching rotations to the soil

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